Love For Sale (Single Note Solo w/Self-Comping) For 6 string guitar
  • Love For Sale (Single Note Solo w/Self-Comping) For 6 string guitar
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Inspired by his recent educational video with John Stowell for Mike's Masterclasses, Steve composed this solo on the changes to Cole Porter's Love For Sale. A nice mix of short and longer phrases with comping inserted in the spaces as well as concerted chord melody in places. Two PDF's included: One standard notation only, one with TAB and std. notation. Both have chord symbols written in.

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For TEd (Greene) BAroque-style Original composition/Arr. for solo 6 string guitar

"TennessEe Waltz" Chord/Melody Arr. for 6 string Guitar PDF

Comes with 2 PDF's: One with standard notation and TAB and the other standard notation only with fingerings. See/hear Steve play this arrangement below before departing into an improvisation over the changes. 

In A Sentimental Mood

An arrangement of the 1935 Duke Ellington classic tune for 7 string guitar. Can be adapted for 6 string guitar. In standard notation and TAB with fingerings. Two separate PDF's, one with TAB the other with no TAB. Features much contrary motion, counterpoint and reharmonizations. Based largely on Steve's performance here: